Yuka (yuka02) wrote in wetrytoforget,

Train Crash (Pan's first post)

Pan gazed out of the window, watching as the sun dissapeared behind thick black clouds in the sky. He sighed, sitting back in his seat- the clouds meant rain, making this study trip even worse than it already was. He gave a disdainful look to his notes before shoving them back into his bag and zipping it closed not a moment too soon- because he found his things being flung across the cabin as the train lurched to one side. He would have followed his things, although the plastic arm-rest on the train seat had jabbed into his stomach rather harshly and stopped him from moving anywhere. He scrambled to grip into anything- the chair, table, or the offending arm-rest- so gravity wouldn't take hold.

(Mark can post, and then we'll stop the train? I'm assuming we're reposting everything we did on MSN for now...
By the way, I'm wondering if we should set any rules about the Subject of posts...)
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