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Pan's Biography

Full Name: Unknown
Nick Name (If any): Pan
Age: 16
Birthday: January 17th
Gender: Male
Hair: White hair- not bleached, but natural, although he isn't albino. He keeps it relatively short, some of his hanging in his eyes and the rest framing his face, maybe an inch or two long. Style similar to Fujiwara Tatsuya's in the following pictures: http://eosophobia.net/f4s/images/other/fujiwara/001224_2.jpg and http://eosophobia.net/f4s/images/other/fujiwara/001224_1.jpg
Eyes: Black (not asian dark brown, but completely black. kinda creepy.)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Average.
Nationality: Korean
Personality: Quiet because he's shy of his Korean accent that he has when he speaks English, although can chit-chat like a normal boy if he's using his native tounge. He's often is a bit spaced out and can be caught talking to "thin air". He's very self-concious of his left-arm, which sometimes goes limp or spasms, and tends to avoid strenuous activity as he has respiration problems (not asthma though). He gives out very little personal information about himself.
Brief History: When born, Pan was originally a Siamese twin with his brother. Joined at the back, specifically on the shoulder blades, somehow they were sharing one set of lungs- but if the surgeons didn't operate both boys were going to die. They quickly severed off Pan's brother, whom died. When Pan finally opened his eyes for the first time, the first thing he saw was his blue, oxygen-deprived, dead twin brother, laying next to him on an operation table. This one memory of course, stuck with him and was burned into the back of his mind, and even today he can still remember it.
So you could definitely say that Pan was never a normal kid. Despite the operation being a success, he's always had a respiration problem unidentifiable to doctors, and sometimes his left arm will go limp, or even decide to have a mind of it's own and do things against Pan's will. Doctors passed it off as an extreme case of muscle twitch- Pan is the only one who knows what it really is; his brother.
If Pan were born "normally", would he have still turned out the way he is? He's not sure. He feels that his brother is the reason he can see what he sees. To put it straight, he can see the dead.
But being the sworn atheist he is, he refuses to believe it's an act of god or satan or whatever- and with his heart belonging to science, he comes to the conclusion that what he sees just doesn't exist.
Although he has to beat the shit out of the bastards when they decide to attack him, but hey, that's life.
Recently, at twelve, Pan faked his death so he could escape from home. Seeing the dead isn't something that is easily covered up- staring off into space and screaming at thin air can only be excused so many times before your parents send you off to a psychiatric ward. So now schools abroad, posing as a normal exchange student and not a dead run-away.
The only possible information that could identify him in the future would be his unique hospital records. Pan was often in the hospital as a kid, due to his "muscle twitch", respiration problems and his "hallucinations" where he saw the dead, and he is careful not to let onto these as he does not want his true identity discovered.
Pan now schools in France and is currently on a study trip in Europe. He used to school in England.

Occupation: Exchange Student
Likes: Slang words, fashion, writing, Korean dance (secretly), math
Dislikes: Horror films, smoke (of any type that makes it hard to breathe), nosy people
Phobias/Fears: the undead, anything that leads to breathing problems
Languages Spoken (Languages and fluency):
+Native language is Korean and he's fluent.
+Has been learning English for 5 years (one year schooling, three years immersion). He speaks with very few contractions and doesn't know many slang words yet.
+Knows some survival French but has only been learning from immersion for one year. He usually speaks english at his school there.
Unusual Markings (Tattoos, scars, etc): Two scars on his shoulderblades, and his hair/eyes are classed as "unusual" as they're natural.
List of Possessions (With them at the time): Shoulderbag with a pad of paper, pen, math textbook, calculator, chewing gum and his wallet.
Clothing Description (Current clothing): Current clothing is a black turtleneck and black jeans. He has a white t-shirt on underneath.
Any Images of Your Character: None at the moment.
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