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Mark's Bio

Full Name: Marcus Quesnel
Nick Name (If any): Mark
Age: 29
Birthday: April 17th
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Grey (he says they're blue)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 193 lbs
Nationality: American
Personality: Mark has been in the news business for a while now, and has become slightly detached due to things he has seen during his work as a camerman, though he still has some concern for the people around him. Overall, he's a pretty likeable person and has some good stories from his travels.
Brief History: Mark was born in Seattle, Washington and spent a fairly average childhood there, before going to Vancouver Film School. He worked for a local news station for only a year, then joined Reuters in order to get some travelling done and see the world. Mark received a number of awards for daring camera work during the Kosovo conflict, but was forced into medical leave when he suffered a nervous break down. He has since rejoined the news industry, though he mostly covers less intense events such as local festivals and bad weather.

Occupation: news station cameraman
Likes: cameras, boating, books, chinese food, rain
Dislikes: sealife, medical shows
Phobias/Fears: octopi
Languages Spoken (Languages and fluency): English, a bit of Albanian, a bit of German from high school classes
Unusual Markings (Tattoos, scars, etc): tattoo on the inside of left forearm.
List of Possessions (With them at the time): video camera, spare clothing, laptop, satellite phone
Clothing Description (Current clothing): t-shirt, jeans, padded vest, trucker hat
Any Images of Your Character: There will be at some point.

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