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The Closer We Think We Are
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Monday, June 27th, 2005
9:35 pm
Pan passes out
Pan's jumping off of the train happened after Mark had left Kiska (and she had gotten involved with her technology). He never noticed her, her suit blending in with the grey pavement, and as he started to stumble back he neither noticed her then- well, untill he tripped over her, and crashed to the ground, sucessfully smacking his head off of the pavement and passing out cold.
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
6:57 pm
Escaping the Train Wreck (Pan)
Pan could taste blood in his mouth as the train came to a grinding halt. Whoever tried to compare a crashing train to a violent roller coaster was severely underestimating the situation. He clambered out of his seat awkwardly, before dropping down to the other side of the train to retrieve his bag- but stopped to rub at his stomach. He knew a dark bruise was already forming, and he didn't even need to look at it. He crouched down, wincing as he picked up his bag and then staggered to keep himself standing straight as he surveyed the damage. He could hear wails from the other cabins, but it was eerily silent in his own. He was unsure if it was because it was empty, or if the residents had been silenced in the incident.

It seemed there was no way for Pan to leave the train normally, so once he had managed to get over the pain in his side for a brief moment (perhaps it'd gone numb by now, he thought) he stood on the edge of a train-table, balanced himself, and then gave a sharp kick to the frail glass that served as his current ceiling. A crack formed, but nothing more. He growled and prepared a more violent kick, but found himself falling off balance and he landed back on the bottom of the cabin again. He groaned, rubbing at his head before quickly moving to cover his face as the glass shattered under its own weight and fell to the floor around him.

After a bit of manoeuvring, Pan had managed to climb out of the top of the train, only suffering a few minor cuts here and there. He walked carefully along the length of the train until he came to higher ground- the train station’s platform- and he hopped off of the train and onto the ground. His knees went weak for a moment and he nearly fell, but he quickly caught himself before turning around to look at the train from the outside. He staggered back, shocked at the damage, and looked around to see if there was anyone to ask what the hell happened.

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
9:47 pm
Train Crash (Pan's first post)
Pan gazed out of the window, watching as the sun dissapeared behind thick black clouds in the sky. He sighed, sitting back in his seat- the clouds meant rain, making this study trip even worse than it already was. He gave a disdainful look to his notes before shoving them back into his bag and zipping it closed not a moment too soon- because he found his things being flung across the cabin as the train lurched to one side. He would have followed his things, although the plastic arm-rest on the train seat had jabbed into his stomach rather harshly and stopped him from moving anywhere. He scrambled to grip into anything- the chair, table, or the offending arm-rest- so gravity wouldn't take hold.

(Mark can post, and then we'll stop the train? I'm assuming we're reposting everything we did on MSN for now...
By the way, I'm wondering if we should set any rules about the Subject of posts...)
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
10:15 pm
12:13 pm
Mark's Bio
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